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Dear Deborah,

Having worked with Deborah for over several years, I think she’s one of the most thorough, well-thought-out, detail-oriented, and customer-focused people I’ve encountered.

As a sales person, she takes a genuine interest in people and their needs, which makes her perfect for building strong relationships and trust up front and then delivering recommendations and programs that will help them the most. She’s a true professional!

Lloyd Fritzmeier

Executive Coach and Leadership/Team-building Counselor





To whom it concerns:

I am proud to know Deborah Schwartz Griffin for over ten years, both professionally and as a friend.   We first met in 2001, when Deborah hired me to help her work on her business, DSG & Associates.  At that time, Deborah had just taken the helm as President of the Atlanta Woman’s Network.  Always helpful, and always thinking of The Big Picture, she recommended that I become engaged with this organization.  She was right.   My involvement helped me achieve my business and professional goals.

Here are her Top 10 attributes:

A stickler for detail
Superlative communicator
Consummate professional
Uncompromising passion for excellence

Deborah would be a tremendous asset to any company or organization.  I recommend her unreservedly.

Yours truly,

Esther R Escobedo

Founder and CEO


Deborah’s ability to gain an understanding of your brand and developing a value proposition that assures you’re success in marketing that brand is unmatched. She was a tremendous help to me as I launched my business, and her advice and counsel has continued to stay with me as my career continues to take on new & different paths.

Maureen McNamara

Successful Business Leader

Coach & Consultant