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no-taglineTo Whom It May Concern:

What can I say about Deborah Schwartz Griffin; the important place she has in my heart, the lessons she has taught me, the care and support she has offered to me and the professionalism she has added to my concept project itself; as well as connecting me with the ostensibly endless list of contacts that she has cultivated, throughout the business and academic world. One she seems to have welcomed and endless access to.

I hired Deborah, DSG and Associates, “The Creative Connector”, in November, 2015 as my Director of Strategic Business Development to assist me with securing financing for my start up restaurant/retail concept, PI(es) Are Square, Take & Bake Pizza. During this time, Deborah has helped me to hone and refine my presentation and method of presenting my concept, passionately and articulately. Her connections have allowed me to have face-to-face meetings with capable and high profile bankers, attorneys, business leaders, academics, franchisors, franchises and potential investors.

Organization, communication and followup are the hallmarks of Deborah’s company and Deborah herself. Clear and concise invitations are sent to all participants with regard to future meetings including time, date, location, directions, purpose, attendees and bios. Constant contact and purpose driven followup is provided by Deborah to all parties involved including a synopsis of the meeting as well a request for future meetings and a heart felt thank you to all involved at our request.
I am proud to call Deborah my colleague and my friend and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is serious about taking an idea from concept to reality or to help expand an existing concept through a clear marketing and public relations plan.


Sincerely Yours,

Jerry Nagler



To Whom It May Concern:

Deborah Schwartz Griffin and I have had the pleasure of working together since December, 2014, when she was hired by our company to help with business development in the Atlanta, GA area. We were in strong need of a hands-on, process-oriented individual to help network and make introductions. Deborah turned out to be just the person we needed. Deborah implemented sales and networking procedures that significantly strengthened our overall presence in the Atlanta market. She works hard and demands significant performance from her peers, and will spend the time necessary to ensure that the proper message is communicated. The characteristic that is most commendable in Deborah is her desire to learn new ideas and processes. We have a very different culture at Creative Approach. As she realized the changes required to effectively represent us, she went to work analyzing herself, seeking feedback and then making changes to her style, approach, and manner. I believe she was able to make significant improvements to our culture while adding to her own unique style. This and other valuable characteristics, combined with future potential, should be valuable to any organization interested in hiring Deborah for business development. Lastly, Deborah is a great motivator and mentor. The employees in our organization were always inspired and prepared to meet new challenges because of her motivation and style. Deborah is a natural born leader. She is confident and decisive.



Dr. Cale Robert Hall

CEO/ President



“Deborah is the supreme networker and looks at every opportunity through a very creative set of eyes. But what impresses me most is her exceptional tenacity. A rare gift in this day and age where most sales and marketing practitioners, satisfied with comfort and complacency, fail to deliver. When the chips are down, you can always rely upon Deborah to deliver.”

Alf Nucifora, Chairman
Nucifora Consulting Group


Our professional relationship has been very informative. You have vast experience in fields that are important to successful operations. Image building, marketing and public relations are mandatory to selling the product or growing the business. Your experience in them all is to my and all other clients’ benefit. It has been my pleasure to work with you. You are organized, well connected and innovative. Your contacts could fill a book!

Barbara B. Rose
President of New Generation Partnerships, Inc and Author
Author, “Halls of Poison Ivy”


…Very clear with specific direction for branding my style of yoga. …Extremely organized and detailed and with an upbeat, fast-paced approach. The connections that I have gained are getting my name and my work exposed to a broad spectrum of potential clientele. It’s working.

Ellen Sichel, R.Y.T.
Owner & Certified Svaroopa Yoga Instructor

Ellen Sichel’s Yoga Studio

margot king

“Deborah is truly a master business matchmaker!  She has a gift of recognizing where you sit in your business or your career and connecting the dots to the very people or enterprises that will enhance or accelerate your positive momentum.  Her established long lasting business relationships provide a wealth of opportunity for those within her circle of influence.  Let me put it this way…whenever I am considering a new project or event, Deborah is the first person I call.

Margot King
Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host of Job Talk


“The Creative Connector is the best combination “NetWeaver” and “Networker” I have ever met. Deborah is the first person I’ve known, whose “NetWeaving” overtures and activities so far outweigh her “networking” that it can simply be translated as excellent follow-up, and follow-through. She has an incredible work ethic and skill set that make her an outstanding resource to her Clients.”

Bob Littell, Chief NetWeaver
The Heart and Art of Netweaving


“Deborah worked tirelessly to create valuable relationships with numerous organizations and individuals who have proven to be valuable resources as my business develops. As a result, we are growing nicely in a difficult economic environment.”

Dr. Jay M. Kulkin, M.D., MBA, FACOG

Women’s Institute for Health
Atlanta’s first concierge gynecology practice


…Excellent job securing dynamic presenters for our School of the Arts development sessions. You certainly were the best person to assist us with this task! You and your vast network of colleagues made the process very easy for us.

Carol Edwards. Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, School of the Arts
Kennesaw State University


By far, the most productive search consultant…Excellent job in providing candidates for the position of Vice President Sales & Marketing. Attention to detail and follow-up were perfect! Looking forward to your continued assistance in helping us attract the leaders we need for our future growth.

Robert C. White, CEO & President
Venture Homes


…Ms. Schwartz Griffin is the consummate professional who provides the highest level of customer service, and creative ideas that reach new markets. We’ve gained new clients in new and established markets.

Emory W. Mulling, Chairman
The Mulling Companies


Deborah increased my exposure to appropriate contacts, identified business opportunities and arranged meetings with established business owners who have provided priceless insights. She’s an enthusiastic cheerleader, and a challenging coach. I would highly recommend Deborah’s services to anyone who is interested in expanding their business, clarifying their branding, and establishing a presence in the marketplace.

Diana Farmer, Owner & Prinicipal Consultant
Zenith Performance Group

Davidoff Group

…Making creative connections, booking speaking engagements, and generally uncovering value-added business opportunities with demonstrable, measurable success. Vast network of connections, coupled with credibility within that network form a powerful combination that’s leveraged with results.

Debbie L. Davidoff,
President and CEO

R&S Flooring

Invested a lot of time gathering information and formulating a marketing strategy specific to our business. We have continued to grow thanks to our new marketing plan.

Sherry Britt, Owner
R & S Floor Covering


My consulting firm provides career, work/life and leadership guidance to top executives within organizations and to high net worth individuals and key members of their families. In this business, which is conducted in an environment of utmost discretion and confidence, meaningful introductions are pivotal. Late in 2003, I retained Deborah to assist me with a complex business development initiative. Giving her a very short period of time in which to produce tangible results, my expectations centered upon perhaps four or five legitimate contacts within key market areas for my consulting firm.

I was astonished at the quality contacts Deborah produced during this brief assignment. Instead of helping to open a handful of doors, she paved the way to connecting me with over 20 high-level leaders, each of whom represent precisely the kind of senior executive Resolute Consulting Group is frequently retained to assist.

Equally important, Deborah provided superb briefing materials prior to each introduction, which helped me understand important information as it related to the individuals she introduced. This was followed by crisp, efficient de-briefing data, substantially reducing the amount of time I had to invest to connect effectively.

In today’s service-oriented economy, I have found many claim to be “professional connectors,” while only a few have the background, experience and discipline to really deliver. Deborah delivers the goods, on time and with class. I plan on partnering with Deborah often as Resolute Consulting Group’s horizons expand.

John P. Schreitmueller
Resolute Consulting Group, LLC