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Whether advising small to mid-size companies or working as part of a larger team, DSG & Associates, LLC works to maximize their client’s needs ranging from infrastructure, marketing, business development, strategic alliance connections and networking. The ultimate outcome – DSG & Associates delivers results that help their clients reach the next “tipping point” of business success.

We conduct in-depth assessments that identify the client’s mission, strategic objective, and business priorities; help them define their unique selling proposition “USP” and target market; construct business, marketing and promotional strategies that brand their skill, service or product; assist in implementing tactical plans designed to achieve their short term and long-term objectives and help them generate new business and client development.

The service portfolio DSG & Associates offers to their clients includes: Strategic Business Development; Relationship, Consultative Selling; Building Partnerships and Alliances; Helping and Serving Others

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Deborah Schwartz Griffin has worked with me on several complex projects, and J have found her to be an exemplary strategic thinker. Each time I have come into contact with her, Deborah has had a creative business solution to share. Such was the case during her tenure at Atlanta Fixtures, where our company opened the door to them (after years of doing business exclusively with a competitor) and with whom we now enjoy a solid strategic buying relationship. The ability to juggle several complex and dynamic projects at once, each with many moving parts, is a skill that Deborah has honed. A combination of bright, creative thinking – along with an impeccable work ethic – enables her to handle extremely advanced project work. Deborah understands the connectivity in today’s marketplace. If you’re looking for someone who can digest big ideas, sort through their components and then arrange them in ways that resonate with their intended target, Deborah is a great choice.


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Patrick Cuccaro

General Manager

Affairs to Remember Caterers, Inc.


Richard Douglass, President & CEO of Sustained Learning, Inc had prior work experience as a consultant with a large consulting firm exclusively with multi-billion dollar clients, mostly in the chemical industry, and all of whom were outside of the Atlanta / Georgia market.

When Richard decided to go into business for himself, his goal was to focus on helping much smaller companies and those located in the metro Atlanta area. His critical need, then, was to gain introductions to key business people within the community so that his network of high-quality contacts could grow quickly. In addition, as his background is not marketing, he felt that it was important to gain assistance in properly positioning his company and his services.

Results & Value:

DSG & Associates number one priority was to help Richard get connected with individuals who could in one way or another help him grow his business in the metro Atlanta area. The strategy DSG & Associates and Sustained Learning mutually agreed upon was to gain visibility and credibility for Richard through relevant speaking and other media opportunities such as Margot King’s Job Talk radio show on 640AM WGST and one of Leader Publishing’s networking events and through introductions to potential alliance partners. A secondary priority, though one that needed to be addressed early on, was to refine his overall marketing message and associated collateral.

Over the course of the six-month engagement, DSG & Associates arranged 10 distinct speaking opportunities for Sustained Learning in a variety of forums. In addition, Sustained Learning considers they now have over 15 good to excellent networking contacts or potential alliance partners with whom they will continue to develop a relationship. DSG & Associates helped refine their marketing collateral and web site.

The value Sustained Learning received was twofold: first, a clear, consistent message and value proposition; second, a solid base of contacts from which to expand the business and networking activities. Sustained Learning’s approach toward networking is now more focused and disciplined and they credit DSG & Associate’s persistence and coaching as pivotal in reinforcing this discipline over the course of the engagement.