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Connecting People to People and Ideas to Results.

The Meaning Behind The Logo

People come to me with a dilemma, a problem, a need. My logo represents the puzzle pieces that come to me every day. After I bring you on as a client, I start thinking holistically about how I can help you. As I learn about your business, I’ll learn about ways I can improve the relationships and business you are receiving through your partners and suppliers.

The process is a continuous cycle, that’s why there’s an open space … it’s ongoing … always finding another way to get you more business. The ball in the center represents you. I’m spending my time putting you, the decision maker, in the limelight so you can get what you need.

I always put you first.

Our Services

We are the one point of contact and conduit to a team of strategic associates. We conduct in-depth research and analysis to understand your business and offer customized development support to help you get to the next-level, tipping point of success.

Our services include:

Helping Organizations Identify

  • Discuss your current situation
  • Identify business priorities and timeline for addressing those priorities
  • Company story and value proposition, ideal customer and best referral to develop, reach, retain
  • Brand (your “big idea”), unique selling proposition (USP) and strategic objectives
  • How to differentiate your organization in the mind of your customer
  • Ways to keep your employees involved in your marketing efforts through sales and training
  • Remove roadblocks standing in the way of business growth

Create a Marketing Plan

  • Determine what you want your targeted customers to do when they see, read and hear about you
  • Recommend which media or channels will work best for your product or service; social media, website, print, direct mail, broadcast
  • Create integrated marketing, sales programs, and annual budgets
  • Develop and implement special events and trade shows

Connections that Build Business

  • Targeting, qualifying, and prospecting for new business
  • Building partnerships and alliances – strategic connecting through memberships in industry, trade, and non-profit associations

Expand Partnership Marketing & Sales

  • Identify funding support through purchasing patterns and relationships with your key suppliers, partners, and donors
  • Develop and execute a plan that tells your selected partners where you have been, where you are, and where you are going
  • Create a campaign that has strength in numbers and allows you to achieve results

Creative Assistance

  • Find the best source for you to produce all the pieces you need for your campaign
  • Social media, website design and development, SEO, broadcast, print, direct mail
  • Corporate videos, sales presentations and web streaming

What does success look like for you?

Creative Connector is a full-service strategic business development company exclusively focused on helping our clients generate new business resulting in increased sales and revenue for business, civic, and philanthropic leaders.

“Deborah is the real deal. She’s a natural leader and excellent communicator. Organized and detailed while also able to see ‘the big picture.’ That’s a rare combination. As BCN’s executive vice president, she has attracted so many successful professionals… Deborah is passionately committed to helping people succeed.”

Jeff Chernoff, Founder
Business Community Network (BCN)

Want to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

  • Looking for new business and emerging market opportunities?
  • Reaching for that next “tipping point” of business success?
  • Want your company name to become synonymous within your industry?

Success is not just knowing people that makes one a “creative connector,
it’s what you do with what you know that makes you a “master” at it.


Connecting people to people and ideas to results.

We realized that many touchpoints were needed before any sale ever occurs, and Deborah was effective and relentless in making those touchpoints occur.


Steve Gross, Co-Founder
Trusted CFO Solutions