Meet Deborah

  • One of the reasons I’m hired is because of the business, civic and philanthropic leaders I know through friendships that lead to business generation and strategic partnerships.
  • By understanding your goals and objectives, it helps me maximize my network of relationships to help you grow yours.
  • I develop a SWOT analysis, business, sales, and marketing plan that will take you to the next tipping point of success.
  • This holistic approach to strategic business development, sales and marketing positions your personal and professional brand and sets the tone for our engagement.
  • Building your sales funnel and strategic pipeline for generating a measurable ROI is the value I bring in getting you in front of decision makers that will ultimately generate an ROI and build sustaining strategic partnerships for all.

Do you want to take your business to the next level?

Schedule a strategy call.

This includes:

  • Strategic assessment of your business.
  • Deep-dive uncovering what is working and what is not.
  • How much time you are spending on your business vs in your business.

Our Clients

Where are you presently?

Where do you want to go?

People come to me with a problem, a sense of urgency, a puzzle.

I work with them, learn their business, then put the pieces together to advance their sales and revenue.

Strategic Business Development

As a Connector.

I put the pieces together to generate an ROI for your business and help you build new centers of influence resulting in sustaining strategic partnerships.

“I hit the jackpot by working with Deborah! I’ve never met anyone like her. Courageous. Fearless. She knows everyone and they know her. Deborah has strategically introduced me to ideal clients who are also valuable centers of influence. That’s resulted in potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. Connecting people is clearly her purpose in life.”

Mark Lewyn, SVP, Financial Advisor
Wealth Enhancement Group

“Deborah has a very special skill. She connects people to generate results for the organization she works for, the client who needs her and the partners that add value along the way. Her strategic and tactical connections are executed with such sincerity because she truly cares about everything she does.”

Anna Hsu, Owner
Hsu’s, Pacific Rim, AZN Naples

Relationship Marketing & Consultative Selling

As a Rainmaker.

I drive sales and revenue for business, civic, and philanthropic leaders.

“Her tireless commitment resulted in significant growth for the Georgia Restaurant Association. Deborah is sincere in helping and serving and ‘connecting the dots’. I have no doubt she could do the same for your organization.”

George McKerrow, CEO
Ted’s Montana Grill

Connecting People to People and Ideas to Results

As a Dealmaker.

I take a holistic approach to helping and serving my clients needs that results in measurable goals achieved.

    “Deborah is the ultimate closer. She’s energetic and fueled by helping others. I am always impressed by how loyal she is to her friends and grateful to be one of them.”

    Bobby Donlan, Managing Partner
    New York Prime Steakhouse

    Ready to Increase Your Revenue?

    What is your puzzle, what is your need, what is your sense of urgency?
    Creative Connector specializes in identifying this and helping you get in front of decision makers and prospects, to put the pieces together that will make the sales actually happen.

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    Need to build a name for yourself?

    Want to learn how to be a Consummate Creative Connector?

    How about learning the best techniques for stragetic business development?

    You can hire Deborah to teach you and your staff all of these techniques and more!