Topics And Talks

When working with DSG & Associates, Deborah will stress the importance of all five of these topics. In all cases, it’s about “them” your client, colleague, friend, not about “you.”


How to Build a Name for Yourself:

Building or enhancing your personal and professional brand: Once you understand “who you are” you can best represent your product and/or service to others.

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Consummate Creative Connector:

Part of building a name for yourself is becoming a “consummate creative connector” learning and listening to others and building a trusting relationship. With this approach, you are building a new friend, colleague and client versus selling a product or service that this person may or may not want.


Strategic Business Development:

Doing the research to uncover and identify the best fit for your client and the folks they want to meet. Then cultivate and ultimately build a relationship. Have an eye for relationships and understand what your client may want; who is the best person to connect them to; based upon their mission, vision and strategic objectives.

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Relationship Marketing:

Comes into play in understanding the background and expertise of the company or client you are working with and sharing that story through building rapport via social media, one-on-one, website and more.

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Consultative Selling:

Happens once the research is done; connection is made; rapport is developed; discovery/questions are asked to naturally provide a solution to a pain point or concern.

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