I was fortunate to develop my sales skills early on in life. I didn’t know how fortunate I was to be learning the skill of sales aptitude, but as I grew older, I learned just how much I gained by learning this at a young age.

My unique upbringing was from growing up in a family of salespeople. My father sold men’s clothing and my mother sold residential real estate. (Featured here, is a picture of my mother).

I had to persuade them for everything I wanted to do. If I wanted to go out with friends, or go to a venue, I had to be able to talk them into it. I had to be persuasive as I spoke to my parents and explain the nuisances even from an early age. I had to create my own destiny.

Almost every day I had to “sell them” on the activity that I wanted to do. This was oftentimes a bit taxing as a teenager, but it taught me so many lessons about business, that I still use today. The sales aptitude that I developed in my childhood contributed to how I am today, and the business that I am in as a connector, rainmaker, and dealmaker.

My mother and father were both great salespeople, and I watched them, learned from them, and interacted with them in the way that salespeople often do. Even my sister (pictured, at right) represented a ladies clothing line for years at Saks Fifth Avenue, and my brother, a Dentist.

My parents truly helped me become who I am today, and I am forever grateful for such a unique and wonderful way of growing up and learning.

How has your upbringing shaped the way you work, today? Most of us pull from our past and that shapes our present. It is also important that you learn new ways to connect, to build your network, and to grow your sales.

If you are looking for new ways to build your circle of influence, reach out to me: Deborah Schwartz Griffin, Creative Connector. I would love to hear your story of how you started your business and offer some new methods of building your business.

Deborah Schwartz Griffin: connector, rainmaker, and dealmaker.