In your business, do you strive to make Mutually Beneficial Strategic Connections that generate ROI and Sustaining Partnerships?

Here’s how to think about it.

Think of meeting with prospective and current clients like a billboard you see, as you are driving down the road or highway.

The billboard only has so much space to share a message that may resonate with you and you only have so much time before you pass it.

The message whether a tagline, statement, title, or photo is either impactful and makes you take notice or not. Crystallizing the value proposition is the key to gaining success.

If the message interests you, the result is questions you may have about going to that place or talking with that company or person.

Because the content of the message, if successful caught your eye, captured your interest and made you think and take action.

That is what Strategic Connecting within your Business, Civic, and Philanthropic networks should be like.

In order to make the most of a friendship that may lead to business generation take these action steps to create meaningful strategic connections that will generate future revenue.

  1. Always Remember: You have a limited amount of time to make an impression on the person you’re meeting with. Make the most of it.
  2. Do Your Homework: Before you meet with a prospective client or strategic partner, do your homework. Learn about them through their Network,  LinkedIn, Facebook, and Company Website, so they feel like you understand their business.
  3. Listen: As you ask questions listen to their value proposition, stop talking to really be present in the moment.
  4. Value Proposition: Respond when they ask you about your value proposition. Align what you heard with how you and/or your organization can help them.
  5. Connecting, Rainmaking, Deal Making: From this point on, good things should happen – Either an opportunity develops into an Ideal Prospect or Strategic Partner, or they become a trusted friend. Why – You “Connected” – Shared a “Rainmaking Idea,” and, as time goes on, perhaps a Mutual Opportunity or Deal will come through=Deal Making.
  6. Road Map/Game Plan: Start creating your Road Map and Game Plan for Success using the above strategy and tactics again, and again and again.
  7. Follow Through: 80% of Strategic Selling is “Follow Through.” When you come back to the office or your home, before dinner or early next morning, follow up with those Ideal Prospects and Partners while their top of mind.
  8. Works every time.

For more Tips on becoming a “Connector, Rainmaker, Deal Maker” turning those “Ideal Clients and Strategic Partners” into future ROI, visit my website