Here are a few radio interviews with Deborah Schwartz Griffin, The Creative Connector.

  • In this video clip, Deborah Schwartz Griffin was interviewed and discussed how she helps business owners grow their business by assisting them with their specific needs. She learns by asking them – What is your dilemma, need or sense of urgency? Deborah talks about how she started her company, and how she built so many relationships in the business world that led to business generation and sustaining strategic partnerships.  North Fulton Business Radio X


  • In this video clip, Deborah talks about the BCN, the Business Community Network, a monthly CEO roundtable of business, civic and philanthropic leaders. Deborah is the Executive Vice President. She helps these member companies with her fellow BCN leadership team grow their business revenues, share best practices and build new “Centers of Influence, COIs.”  Gwinnett Business Radio X: